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Japan Police Nails Chinese Woman with Fingerprint Transplants

December 15th, 2009 Elijah V. Fayerman 2 comments

Fingerprinting at Narita Airport

Japanese police arrested a young Chinese woman who had been previously deported but sneaked back into the country. Lin Rong, 27, had been deported to China in March 2007 for working as a hostess at a bar in Akasaka, Tokyo, after her visa had expired. Police said she paid roughly $1,500 for a plastic surgery that allowed her to evade Japan’s immigration control. The fingerprint scam would go undetected, but for Rong’s continuing bad luck. According to Japanese officials, this time she was arrested for faking a marriage license after entering Japan. A casual look at her fingers revealed scarred tissue, which led to further investigation. Police found that she paid to remove patches of skin from her thumbs and index fingers and then graft them on to fingers on the opposite hand. Her identity was not detected when she re-entered Japan illegally through the border control using bogus fingerprints.